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Stop Trying to Let Go

From the start, it has seemed to me that my energy work was a way of supporting clients as they “let go of that which no longer serves them”. This idea has been with me for so long and for so many reasons, I have just been giving it a free pass to ride...

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Yes, Men Get Energy Work Too

Yes indeed, men actually do sign up for energy work sessions. Not that gender has anything to do with it. However, after a few people pointed out that all of the testimonials on my site seemed to be from women, I thought it might be helpful to start sharing more of...

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Curiosity Is A Game Changer

Why Are You Here? I mean, literally, why are you here – on the planet, at this time? Why are you alive at all? Do you ever ask yourself this question? Are you curious? Notice that the answer to this question isn’t as important in itself as is the effect...

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What the Mountain Taught Me About Self Acceptance

Why Is Self Acceptance So Challenging? One would think that there would be no trick or difficulty in simply being – and accepting – oneself. After all, that’s who you are, right? And yet it feels that so many of us find ourselves wrapped up in layer...

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Free Meditations

Three Free Meditations Get free and quick access to three brief yet powerful meditations by clicking the button below. Get Access What’s Included After signing in or signing up, you’ll have access to the product area, which looks like this: New Products...

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What kind of people get energy work?

I clearly remember when I first heard about this thing called “energy work”. It seemed strange and really quite unbelievable. I was at a MeetUp group where an individual shared his story about having received remote energy work. Before he shared this...

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"Perhaps everything terrible is in its being something that needs our love."

-- Rainer Maria Rilke

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