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Energy Balancing Studio

Roger Oney is a gifted energy worker, and coach. As both student and teacher of the healing arts, his heart-centered yet grounded approach is embraced by a wide range of clients. He is a synthesizer of information both traditional and emerging, and enjoys weaving it together to create practical Energy Shifting Programs to help clients with specific needs and goals. He has the ability to tune into an individual’s inner/higher self whether nearby or from a distance, and utilizes this connection to facilitate healing work, and to help raise awareness of our multidimensional nature.

The Energy Balancing Studio was founded with these guiding principles in mind:


Changing the world starts by changing ourselves. World Peace begins with Inner Peace.


Change can trigger fear or growth. Navigating change consciously can reduce suffering, and increase joy.


Some things cannot be learned from a book, the internet, or in isolation. Working together brings about greater results.


Problems are often best solved by a different kind of thinking or energy than what was used to create them.


Heartfulness is as important as Mindfulness.


We are all teachers and students. There is no hierarchy.


We are each unique facets of an ineffable Oneness. Helping or Healing One is Helping or Healing All.


How we help one another matters more than what we call it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed or certified? What type of training do you have?

I am not a licensed therapist or counselor, and do not do that type of work. That being said, my work is completely complementary to traditional approaches, such as medical or psychological treatment by a licensed professional. My post baccalaureate training and ongoing study has primarily been in the areas of energy work, mind body work, and coaching. I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher, and have gone through one of the best professional coaching training programs available.


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How did you get into this type of work?

After finding myself in the depths of a very challenging time in my life, I was reaching out for answers. You probably know how this story goes. Every answer leads to more questions. How did things get like this? Did I do something, unknowingly, to help create this situation? What is my life about? How do I make it better? How can I be healthier and happier?

Along the way, I found myself introduced to this thing called “energy healing”. Although now I can see all the ways that my life had prepared me for this encounter, I was anything but open minded in the beginning. I tried it the way that I tried many other things at the time, with an open but highly skeptical mind.

I was not immediately impressed by the experiences. Not in a way that one might expect to be impressed. There were no bells or whistles or fireworks. And yet, the work definitely left an impression on me. Just not in a way that I could understand with my physical mind, which was pretty much all that I thought I was back then.

A few years later, when it was suggested to me during an intuitive reading that I have a natural ability in “healing with my hands”, I somehow felt prepared to hear this and to be open to it. And I was curious. This is how the soul works, it will keep sending you messages until you are able and ready to hear them. The earlier work had already opened me up despite the best efforts of my mind to shut it down. Through the energy work, I realized that I had come into contact with a higher aspect of myself. The mind can question this all that it wants, but you know the feeling of a message from your own soul the way that you recognize your own voice. It is an experience, not a concept.

This became something that I wanted to understand. I also knew it was something I would want to share with others.

This is an ever-unfolding journey of learning and discovery – of who I am, what roles I am here to play, and how I am capable of helping myself and others. As my teacher would say, our work is discovering our work. And at this time, I am feeling called to serve in a very specific way – which is to utilize my empathic abilities as a tool, to use my own energy bodies as the instrument to do the work of energy healing and assessments. I understand that my practice will evolve, but for now, this is more than enough. With each session, my clients and I learn and grow. Each person is unique, and every soul’s journey is incredibly rich. Every session is an invitation for more joy, more freedom, and more empowerment to come into one’s life.


What other experience do you bring to your practice?

I have over 25 years of diverse work and business experience that I feel contributes to my ability to meet my clients where they are at in their professional lives. And on the personal side, I have learned from a great many experiences, representing the many facets of life’s journey that sometimes show up as great joys, and other times as great losses.

In my professional life, I worked early on with emotionally disturbed children in residential and education treatment facilities. I experienced burnout early on, and worked for a while in retail, and then in the legal field before discovering a passion and talent for computer programming. I then spent a good 15 years as a professional software developer focusing on web development. In this work, I have managed multi-million dollar projects for a global “Big 4” financial services firm, and worked with developers from around the world.

In my personal life, I feel blessed to have experienced marriage and parenting. I have greatly enjoyed making art, drumming, and running – and will never forget the first time I crossed the marathon finish line! And along with these highs in life, I have experienced some definite lows as well, going through divorce and the loss of both of my parents all in the same year. And with the loss of my best friend in 2014, I am finding that life is definitely all about dealing with change and transition!

Through it all, I have no regrets, because I am here now, doing the best I can do to show up as my real and whole self in this world. And because I feel blessed to have survive, thrived, and now am moving beyond the traps and paradigms that have so often seemed utterly limiting and constraining in the past. How else can we learn in life, if we do not have this kind of contrast?



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