Remote Energy Work

Deeply attuned energy work that surfaces transformational insights and helps to bring about balance and healing in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy bodies.

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Remote Energy Work Covers These Three Aspects of Your Presence


Your Soul’s rhythm as it engages with you, others in your life, and the world around you.


Your Soul’s trajectory through past, present, and into the future.

7 Potentials

How your Soul is emanating through the 7 lenses of the Chakra system.

What It Is

This is highly intuitive and deeply attuned form of energy work that I am being guided to do in order to support the awakening and peace processes unfolding at this time.

A remote energy work session is an offering of unconditional acceptance at an energetic level. With your permission, I am able to tune into your presence wherever you are. With this connection, I can “listen” to the frequencies at work in your life, and work to bring about more harmony.

The session is comprised of the following elements:

  1. Preparation – it is helpful to be in a calm place at the scheduled time.
  2. Energy Work – 95% of the work occurs energetically. This portion of the session often includes balancing and clearing work, along with whatever else is called for.
  3. Assessment – I will provided a recorded assessment of the session and send via email directly following the work.
  4. Follow up – after listening to the assessment, you are welcome to email or schedule a call at no cost if you have any follow up questions.

We are not on the phone during the session. Rather, I will be in my healing space conducting the work. You may be resting at home, or in a safe and relaxed location of your choosing.

It is dynamic work. What this means is that whatever is most relevant to what is happening in your life will show itself. Multiple readings often yield new information.

What comes through is how your soul is “showing up”, what it wants, and what you can do to be in greater alignment with your highest purpose in life. When all of this is put together, there can be a tremendous amount of information with which to work.

If you have specific questions or goals, I can fold that in and address them in the assessment.


This work is primarily experienced by the conscious mind as a “reading”, however there is a layer of work being done that is non-verbal and non-physical. In that layer of the work, there is an energetic transmission that occurs that assists with the process of Soul Integration.

It is very subtle, non-invasive, and gentle. The benefits may be experienced in any of the following ways:

  • Increased Intuition – a sudden “knowingness” may come about
  • Greater Ability to Detect and Resist Psychic / Energetic Manipulation
  • Enhanced Sense of Wellness – this work can support and stimulate emotional and spiritual healing
  • Integration of Disparate Thoughts and Experiences – comparmentalized or forgotten experiences may begin to make more sense
  • Chakras are Activated, Supported, Aligned, and “Nudged”
  • Goals Clarified
  • Your Path “Lights Up”
  • Greater Ease Moving Through Chaos and Overwhelm
  • Creativity Boosted

This is sacred work that I have been guided to do. This is the aspect of awakening and Soul Work to which I find myself most attuned at this time. It is an honor to provide this service to the select few who feel called to receive.

What Clients Are Saying

“Roger is extremely grounded, insightful, intuitive, constructive, and positive. Furthermore, my experience during the session was far more tangible than any other energy work I had experienced prior. I also thought the cost was extremely fair, and was impressed that he wasn’t in the market to sell me anything additional. Roger is genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of his clients and is an inspirational human being.”

Caroline B

“Roger approaches his clients with a great deal of respect, sensitivity and calmness, and is very careful to ensure everyone is comfortable with how he delivers his message. I haven’t had a session with him where I didn’t gain new insights into myself or walk away without easy to apply practices that help me clear my mind, find more peace, and generally be more happy. Roger is totally committed to his craft which has been evidenced by his accessibility after sessions where questions or concerns have arisen.”

Carol K.

“Roger is truly gifted. I had a remote energy balancing session with him in mid-February 2014 and it was a very powerful, moving, healing experience for me. A felt a deep sense of peace and relaxation during and after the session. Roger picked up on energies that I knew I was carrying around and some I was not aware of, and he did some clearing work for me. Immediately after the session he sent me a recording of his experience of the session and a written summary which was incredibly helpful for me to review and digest afterwards. He included all kinds of suggestions and ways for me to take better care of myself. I will definitely be reaching out to him for more remote energy balancing sessions in the future and I highly recommend him – he is incredibly gifted!”

Anne Cadigan

Marin Feng Shui

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