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Energy Work

Survive. Thrive. Transcend.

Challenges Addressed

  • Letting go & getting unstuck
  • Stress relief
  • Healing due to emotional or physical illness, as a complement to other care
  • Recovery from grief, or trauma
  • Seeking clarity due to information or opportunity overload

How It Works

  • Meets you where you’re at
  • Stimulates & balances flow of energy within the energy bodies and chakras
  • Natural, gentle acceleration of the body’s self-healing abilities
  • Awakens & supports “the healer within”

Typical Session

  • Sessions run 45 to 60 minutes
  • After initial check-in, most of the session is the energy work and non-verbal
  • Energy work occurs with client fully clothed, lying comfortably on the table
  • Session wrap-up includes assessment & time for Q&A

Grounded Energy Work

Energy Balancing is how I refer to the blend of energy work that I do, which has grown from my own spiritual practice and guidance (i.e. “what I’m here to do”), along with the training I have received in Reiki, Spiritual Healing, and Core Energy Coaching.

What I have come to understand is that spiritual intuition and power emanate through *all* of who we really are, not simply from the top down, or the bottom up. I see the emanation as something more akin to light shining through a prism. And just like light, spiritual energy is a part of the natural order of things. There is nothing woo woo about it.

And like light through a prism, it seems that we mostly focus on the colors that come out from one side, and pay little attention to the source of light streaming in. And yet, times are changing, and more and more people are waking up and wanting to know more about who they really are, and what is really going on here on Earth.

In this context, Energy Balancing work is always about going into the source. Whether it is being done to promote healing or being done as part of the journey of spiritual exploration – that which is encountered when tapping into source is usually beyond words and linear thinking.

What this means is that 95% of the real work during a session is all energy. It is more about the experience than it is about ideas or outcomes. And the experience is truly unique to each person. It may be initially perceived as subtle, intense, or somewhere in between – but whatever occurs is precisely what is called for in that moment.

If you feel drawn to this work, it would likely be worth your while to trust that inclination and see what is available to you through this process. It would be my honor to work with you, whether it’s a one and done session, or an ongoing journey spanning a longer period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Please the Book Now for more information about session fees, along with refund and cancellation policy.

How should I prepare for an Energy Work session?

In planning for an upcoming session, please consider the following:

  • Being well hydrated is always a good thing.
  • Please ensure that you are scheduling your appointment for a time when your electronic devices may be turned completely off.
  • Ideally, it would be best to schedule your appointment for a time when you can “take a break” afterwards. It would be less than ideal, for example, to attend a demanding social activity directly after a session.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about an upcoming session, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Additional notes for in-person sessions at the Studio

  • As you’ll be lying on a table for the bulk of the session, consider wearing clothing that you’ll be comfortable in.
  • I try to keep the Studio space clear and clean for all clients. Please refrain from wearing fragrances.
What about after a session? Are there any precautions I should know about?

The energy that comes through during an Energy Work session can be very subtle, very intense, or anywhere in between. It’s best to give yourself plenty of time after a session to process the experience.

The energy may continue to integrate with you for several days, or longer. It is recommended that you maintain your spiritual practices, drink plenty of water, and be sure to get ample rest during this time. Your “stuff” may also come up along the way. Some clients experience uncanny synchronicities or unusual dream activity. Know that you’re not on your own, as I make myself available to clients via phone or email in the days following a session.

What kinds of issues would this type of healing help with?

My take on this is that I choose to not look at my clients in the context of issues or challenges that they may be facing. This is a really important aspect of the work. We are knowingly or unknowingly always in a state of programming our reality. My job, as I see it, is to be neutral, and to do my best to see my clients in their totality, in their Wholeness, and when possible – to see even beyond that into the Oneness. This is where the greatest flow of energy can take place. My sense is that all things are far more fluid and dynamic than we tend to realize.

Because of this, there is no type of issue or challenge that is beyond the reach of this type of work. Of course, this doesnot mean that the healing work will remove all problems from one’s life, because doing so may not actually be in your highest good. This is not for me to judge or discern. But it is my belief and experience that if a person is seeking out this type of work, then most certainly – some benefit is there waiting.

How often should someone receive this type of work?

There is no set answer to this question. Every person’s situation is different. If you are seeking support with spiritual growth, for example, your needs might be met with fewer visits than someone who might be dealing with a challenging illness or circumstance.

Does this work sap your energy?

No. This is a somewhat common misconception. It is not my perspective that the Healer “sends” energy to the recipient during an energy healing session. Rather, it is a guiding of the energy that is available and flowing through. And even that guiding, in itself, cannot be done with any sort of force of will. So the simple answer is no, at no time during a session is any of my personal energy being used, nor do I take on any energy from the recipient. This is a very important part of the work.

Remote? What's that about? How can you work with someone without being in the same room?

This is perhaps one of the more challenging aspects of this work to explain. It is not something that my physical mind “understands” in linear terms. Even so, allow me to do my best to provide an explanation.

The work is done based upon the premise, understanding, and experience that we are all connected beyond time and space. Put another way, the time / space dimension that we typically think of as *everything* is but one outer emanation of the energetic presence of who and what we really are.

When a remote or non-local session is being conducted, a connection is made across space. Distance is no barrier. Beyond that, the work is actually almost identical to the work that would be done in person. Indeed, for some clients, the remote work is even more effective and powerful because they are at home and able to relax during the session in a way that suits them.

For me, the remote work is always a leap of faith. Each and every time, I must step into the unknown, and see what presents itself. If you are not ready or wanting this work, my perception may be off. Otherwise, it has been quite remarkable to see what occurs during these sessions.