Spring Forest Qigong

As a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader, I embrace the goal of helping to bring health and wellness to as many people across the globe as possible and fulfilling Founder Master Chunyi Lin’s vision of “a healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering.”

It is my joy to share this practice with you!

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Love, Kindness, Forgiveness, Compassion, Peace, Harmony, Being proactive versus reactive, Accepting each person as they are, Creating a positive atmosphere which allows people to flourish in a healthy, supportive, environment.

Everything is Energy

“Qi” means energy, and “gong” means “to work with”. Qigong is simply working with your body’s own energy, and is one of the best ways to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Happy, Healthy, Well

Develop the knowledge and skills you need to continually strengthen your health, well-being, and mental outlook throughout your lifetime.

Born a Healer

Imagine living a life filled with an abundance of health and happiness simply by putting the power of healing back into your hands!


My name is Roger Oney. I’ve began my journey with Spring Forest Qigong in 2018, but felt from the start that this would somehow be a lifelong journey.

Over the course of time, the healing, principles, teachings, and increased awareness I have gained from my practice of Spring Forest Qigong has benefited not only my personal life, but also my work. It shines a wonderful light onto my coaching, energy work, and creative endeavors. 

And yet, when I conduct a Spring Forest Qigong practice group, it’s all about Qigong. In other words, It influences my other work, but my other work doesn’t change the practice itself.

That’s just how simple and complete Spring Forest Qigong is. It’s easy to learn, easy to practice, and a true joy to share with others.

International Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

As founder of Spring Forest Qigong, and author of the Amazon Best Seller, Born A Healer, Master Lin works with people from all over the world helping them and empowering them to overcome serious health challenges and return to optimal health, wellness, and happiness.

Happy Practitioners

“I understand the importance of unconditional love for self and others.

And forgiveness is essential for healing myself or helping others to heal.”   Nicole S 

“Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest have had an amazing impact on my life. It’s given me a way to live life more fully, happier.” — Sue S.

“The movements are amazing!

They are so simple and they helped me experience a powerful moment within myself!” — Caron W

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+1 312 281 8819

oak park, illinois

Spring Forest Qigong Mission

Provide people with the knowledge and tools to experience the fact that every one of us is born a healer with the natural ability to help ourselves to heal and to help others to heal.