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Alternative ways to help support the Studio!

This page lists only products and servicesĀ I have used and benefited from myself. Not only that, but all have been used in some way in building this site. The links are all affiliate links, so when you purchase any of these after clicking through from this page, a small amount goes towards the support of the Energy Balancing Studio – and at no cost to you. That’s a classic win/win situation!


Elegant Themes has brought me back to WordPress, without tears

Yes, the Elegant Themes Divi theme has made WordPress website development a joy again. I was actually happily on SquareSpace for over a year, but felt it was time to make the change. Working with the Divi theme has been a lot of fun, and I am pretty sure I haven’t tapped very far into what it can really do.

Check out Elegant Themes and Plugins!


Sweet dreams are made of DreamHost

I have been hosting on DreamHost for years and years and years. Yeah, I’m old, and they are experienced and awesome. If you want to run wordpress, they have a “single click” install. And it works just like that. It sets up the database and brings along a bunch of themes, and presto blammo – send you an email when it’s done. Lots of other goodies and extras too… too many to mention here.

Take a look at what DreamHost has to offer!


Evernote is awesome sauce, for gathering notes and thoughts and everything else

If you haven’t tried Evernote, you should. If you haven’t tried it in a long time, it’s time to try it again. It’s basically a great app that runs everywhere and stays in sync automagically that lets you write / talk / take pictures and collect all of the same from the web and put it ALL in one place. Yeah, seriously.

When I was preparing for a series of workshops, Evernote became indispensable. It’s a great tool for clipping selections from the web, or even recipes… it can strip a complex web page down to the real article, by itself – goodbye to saving extraneous junk. You can email yourself notes too, if that’s your thing. (This comes in handy sometimes actually.) Ok, it’s probably beyond obvious by this point that I love Evernote.

Give it a try. It’s free, so really, why not?