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Every session is unique. Read what some clients have been kind enough to share in regards to the work they have received.

Roger is extremely grounded, insightful, intuitive, constructive, and positive. Furthermore, my experience during the session was far more tangible than any other energy work I had experienced prior. I also thought the cost was extremely fair, and was impressed that he wasn’t in the market to sell me anything additional. Roger is genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of his clients and is an inspirational human being.

Caroline B

Chicago, Illinois

Thank you for your kind, loving and gentle energy work. Your insights were very deep and helpful. Peace.

Amanda A

Roger approaches his clients with a great deal of respect, sensitivity and calmness, and is very careful to ensure everyone is comfortable with how he delivers his message. I haven’t had a session with him where I didn’t gain new insights into myself or walk away without easy to apply practices that help me clear my mind, find more peace, and generally be more happy. Roger is totally committed to his craft which has been evidenced by his accessibility after sessions where questions or concerns have arisen.

Carol K

Roger is truly gifted. I had a remote energy balancing session with him in mid-February 2014 and it was a very powerful, moving, healing experience for me. A felt a deep sense of peace and relaxation during and after the session. Roger picked up on energies that I knew I was carrying around and some I was not aware of, and he did some clearing work for me. Immediately after the session he sent me a recording of his experience of the session and a written summary which was incredibly helpful for me to review and digest afterwards. He included all kinds of suggestions and ways for me to take better care of myself. In addition to helping clear some old energies from me, Roger picked up on where I was holding onto my stress and actually identified an area where I had been having some medical issues this past year. He also had interactions with two spirits during the session and each had information to relay. Now, weeks later, I am still digesting and integrating everything he shared with me in the session and I am truly grateful to him for shining a light on areas where I am in need of more healing and balancing in my life. I will definitely be reaching out to him for more remote energy balancing sessions in the future and I highly recommend him – he is incredibly gifted!

Anne Cadigan

Marin Feng Shui, California

As a shamanic practitioner, I have had the pleasure of receiving many reiki and other energy healing sessions from mentors, friends and acquaintances over the years. While they have always been uplifting and varyingly effective, I can honestly say that my remote session with Roger was the most effective and transformative. Not only could I feel him doing the work from Chicago (I live in Atlanta), but I physically felt attention given to the particular areas that he later relayed had issues (my lower right back, etc.).
I was very impressed with the speed and completeness of Roger’s follow-up, which included an embedded audio recording of his findings/ recommendations. In the days and weeks to follow, I felt an overwhelmingly positive energetic shift as well as a substantial uptick in my own psychic abilities. My energy has been grounded, my attitude and outlook positive, and I find that my working and personal relationships are noticeably calm, happy, and peaceful. I have recommended Roger to several friends and clients since my own session and everyone agrees that he is very gifted.

Rachel White

Totem Readings